Reach for the Cloud and Grow

Are ever-increasing business IT needs causing you headaches?
Simplify with NowCloud—a better way to cloud.

If you’re ready for IT support that works EXACTLY the way you want, you’re ready for NowCloud — outsourced IT hardware and managed services that allow you to focus on business.

We’ll help you simplify your business and save money with CloudIT—secure, powerful, private computing that replaces costly product licenses and maintenance hassles with low, sliding costs that scale to your business.

Business Continuity

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Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

Manage your entire cloud environment from one pane of glass, with our cloud orchestration software. Conveniently, completely, and securely control your on-premise, datacenter resources and your migrated cloud workloads.

Compliant Cloud

Compliant Cloud

Compliance-as-a-Service (CaaS) with our best-in-class orchestrator makes reaching regulatory compliance goals a breeze. Scan, generate reports, and remediate quickly. We can even build custom compliance standards.

Managed Business Solutions

Managed Business Solutions

Stay ahead of the competition with the best products and technology in cloud computing and security. We’ve partnered with trusted products and solutions, and we’re backed by local support you won’t get anywhere else.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity

No two businesses have the same backup requirements. We tailor-fit our continuity plans for your needs. Whether you’re looking for cost-effective daily backup to the cloud, zero RPO and near zero RTO, or any requirement in between, NowCloud has you covered.

We're proud to partner with—and eager to train your staff on—the best products in the industry.

Microsoft Office 365
Cisco Select Partner

Why NowCloud?

With on-demand tools and expert support, NowCloud has the advantage when it comes to convenience and scalability.

  • Resource Pooling
  • Rapid Elasticity
  • Metered Service
  • Security
  • On-Demand Self Service
  • Comprehensive Network Access
  • Comprehensive Disaster Recovery
  • Reliability and Resiliency
Why NowCloud
Smart Rural Community

Our parent company—North Central Telephone Cooperative—has earned national recognition for enabling our hometown of Lafayette, TN, to become a Smart Rural Community for innovative broadband solutions and access to next-generation applications and platforms such as distance learning, telehealth services, public safety, and security.

So let NowCloud help you focus on your core business, eliminate costly downtime, protect your valuable business assets, and gain peace of mind.

NowCloud’s Wide Area Network (WAN) is Gigabit-Certified and hosted by our parent company, NCTC, who partners with industry-leading transport networks across the United States. Together, we deliver best-in-class services that allow for on-premise, self-service cloud brokerage for workloads hosted in your datacenter, our datacenter, Microsoft Azure or any combination of the three!

GIG Certified

Budgeting Woes?

We put emphasis on efficiency so you can stop worrying about overspending.
NowCloud delivers peace of mind while helping you:

  • Maximize investment on dollars spent
  • Move to a recurring, predictable cost model instead of a capital one
  • Utilize our cloud-scale service catalog that leverages a pay-as-you-go model