Work smarter with CloudIT.

CloudIT powered by NowCloud lifts the burden of equipment purchase, installation, support and knowledge from your shoulders and places it squarely on the cloud, with better function and value than traditional on-premise IT resources. All the cloud computing and IT services you need, when you need them, and more.

NowCloud provides scalable cloud infrastructure, on-demand in a private cloud network that is 100% virtual. Your cloud infrastructure is provisioned in a private, isolated section of the cloud environment and designed to power all of your business servers and applications. In addition, NowCloud provides backup and disaster recovery options for your virtual servers and applications as well as client machines and on-site devices.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Our IaaS cloud model provides virtualized computing, and networking services that put you in control. As a cloud subscriber, you receive your own secure, private cloud network with virtualized servers, SAN storage, routers and firewalls, which are automatically provisioned within our hardened data center infrastructure. Your private cloud network is equipped with configurable inbound and source NAT rules and support for remote access and site-to-site VPN access to your cloud applications and servers. In addition to access via the Internet, we can provide dedicated access to your cloud network within select service areas with Metro Ethernet connections up to 100Mbps.

Professional Services

We don’t stop at providing exceptional cloud computing services. With NowCloud Professional Services as part of our offering, you get the assistance you need—design, deployment, and management—where ever you are in your journey to the cloud. Best of all, you’ll have complete management and administrative control of your cloud services, yet we are here to provide guidance and assistance if you need help. And, all support is provided by our NowCloud team (not an overseas call center).

Download our Compliant Cloud paper.

Download our Hybrid Cloud paper.

With end-to-end cloud computing and IT consulting services, provided by one team of experts and backed by 24/7 support, you get all the solutions, security, and support you need, when you need it—just one phone call away.

Budgeting Woes?

We put emphasis on efficiency so you can stop worrying about overspending.
NowCloud delivers peace of mind while helping you:

  • Maximize investment on dollars spent
  • Move to a recurring, predictable cost model instead of a capital one
  • Utilize our cloud-scale service catalog that leverages a pay-as-you-go model