Businesses are quickly joining the cloud revolution. NowCloud can show you the way.

The benefits of cloud computing are evidenced by the sheer number of businesses choosing to make the move. More than 75% of enterprise level businesses are adopting the cloud and cloud-related technology spending is expected to triple this year, compared to spending just a few years ago. However, all businesses—small, medium, and enterprise—can benefit from the mobility and agility provided by the cloud.

That doesn’t mean that moving to the cloud is easy. It can require a significant amount of cloud expertise to ensure it goes smoothly. Most cloud vendors provide expertise for this process, but once you move to the cloud, continuous management of the system can be extremely difficult. On top of this, most businesses do not move their entire infrastructure to a single cloud vendor—they often choose to use many. Not to mention that most of these businesses choose to use an on-premise cloud instead of moving their entire virtual environment to the cloud. How could a small business ever afford the staff to manage an on-premise cloud, a private cloud, and/or a public cloud at the same time?

Enter NowCloud, a truly hybrid approach to CloudIT. NowCloud’s centralized portal allows customers to manage their entire virtual environment from a single pane of glass. Our customers are able to build, scale, and manage virtual workloads across various cloud environments—on premise, private, or public cloud. However, we don’t stop at simple management. This same portal allows customers to use our best-in-class NowCloud Security to run vulnerability scans, easily rectify unpatched systems, and/or make environment-wide updates to fully secure your data.

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You’ve decided to outsource your IT hardware. What can you expect from your NowCloud team?

Our attention to customers is what sets us apart. We go beyond the expected systems design, installation, and migration phases by nurturing our customer relationships through the maintenance phase and on-going management of your systems, constantly updating and researching the best ways to help deliver your business cloud experience.

Meet your NowCloud team:

Customer Success Advisor

Customer Success Advisor

NowCloud’s solution engineers assess your needs, then design and deliver appropriate solutions based on network infrastructure and budget. They will ensure a successful transition to operation.

Cloud Readiness Team

Cloud Readiness Team

Our cloud engineers help you understand, the benefits, risks, and necessary governance for a successful migration. Preparing properly to maximize your investment when utilizing cloud services is a recipe for success.

Innovation Team

Innovation Team

Our cloud experts continually leverage leading-edge technologies and best practices to ensure optimal performance and operation of your critical services.

Smart Rural Community

Partner with a Nationally Recognized Smart Rural Community Provider

NowCloud offers some of the most advanced technology in the world. In fact, the fiber network of our parent company—North Central Telephone Cooperative—has earned national recognition for enabling our hometown of Lafayette, TN, to become a Smart Rural Community for innovative broadband solutions and access to next-generation applications and platforms such as distance learning, telehealth services, public safety, and security.

We're backed by an industry leader that has been providing the best technology in rural America to communities like yours for over 65 years. Whether supporting rapid business growth, securing patient information, helping meet new financial regulations and more—organizations of all shapes and sizes depend on NowCloud for cloud computing and business continuity.

  • On-Demand Self-Service
  • Comprehensive Network Access
  • Comprehensive Disaster Recovery
  • One Partner, Multiple Solutions, All-in-House
  • Trusted Experts in Planning, Migration, Management
  • Security, Reliability & Peace of Mind
  • Local Service & Support, 24/7

Budgeting Woes?

We put emphasis on efficiency so you can stop worrying about overspending.
NowCloud delivers peace of mind while helping you:

  • Maximize investment on dollars spent
  • Move to a recurring, predictable cost model instead of a capital one
  • Utilize our cloud-scale service catalog that leverages a pay-as-you-go model